Why Do Parents Tend To Change Their Children’s School After Grade 6?

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Every little child is a gift to nurture and unfold into a worthy citizen for two sets of noble souls—parents and educators. If you are one of them, this read is just for you!

Unlocking potential

You are already deeply invested in ensuring the best growth path for children. Children grow up fast, and every child is unique. It may be your responsibility, but not necessarily your core competency. You may notice their physical growth but perhaps be oblivious to some of their mental and emotional development. It is this hidden potential that you need to be able to inspire them to discover.

Purposeful timing

Just as the early bird gets the worm, an early beginning by you leads them to a worthy career. Be careful about timing—not too early when they are still a child, but not too late when they are already a teenager. The right time is the starting of the tween years (10-11 years) when they act like a mini-adult! It’s also the phase when their cognitive ability to think ahead and realise that studying well regularly before exams fetches good scores is forming. No wonder parents tend to change schools when their child is in the 6th or 7th grade!

Why change

For example, let’s say you have searched for the best CBSE school near me to enrol your child or get a teacher, principal, or administrator as an educator. The academic curriculum includes standardised study material, and their process includes regular teacher training to ensure qualitative and progressive rollout in the classroom, followed by exams and results. Your child is in safe hands and all set for a bright future.

However, you soon encounter terms such as competitive examination preparation for scholarship exams or the Olympiads! The school does extra-coaching for students, but with a “one size fits all” approach.

Most parents will see a risk and invest in personalised coaching to help their child bridge the competitive gap! However, this means extra time and extra effort in addition to an already packed academic calendar. Stressful!

A look ahead reveals that there’s more to come in the form of the National Talent Search Exam (NTSE)and Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY), followed by NEET or IIT/JEE or Common Entrance tests (CET). How much more time, money, and effort does a child growing into a teenager have to put in? Is the additional and sustained stress worth it? These are questions that echo in the minds of every parent and educator.

Integrated solution

When differentials tend to disintegrate, the wisdom mends by integrating! The invested community of parents and educators realised this and decided to put together a solution that integrated academic curriculum teaching and IIT coaching, or NEET coaching, early on.

Some early adopters transformed themselves into NEET integrated schools and IIT integrated schools. An immediate benefit for students was not having to run around from one campus to another—saving precious energy consumed in travel, time, and effort.

Schools delivering an integrated, one-stop solution of the CBSE boards/state boards with competitive exam preparation made sense. Parents were willing to shift to this approach. Educators, administrators, and students saw the merit. It worked as a win-win for the ecosystem.

Accelerating adaptation

Most schools see the benefit but do not have such models. They are either not aware of how to run an integrated model or lack the facilities or resources and the relevant expertise to embrace an integrated approach.

We, at H&K Edvisers, add immense value to such schools to accelerate their adaptation to becoming an IIT-integrated school or a NEET integrated school. Here’s how:

  1. We help schools design an integrated curriculum that includes a regular CBSE curriculum and the essentials for competitive examination preparation like the IIT foundation, NEET foundation and other foundation programs.
  2. Our expertise in developing integrated curriculums for boards and competitive examinations includes IIT-JEE, NEET, NATA, NIFT, NID for grades 11 and 12, NTSE, Olympiads, and KVPY, for grades 6 to 10.
  3. We facilitate recruiting the faculty and teacher training necessary to crossover seamlessly into an integrated school teacher.
  4. Our 15-day, one-month, and three-month training for school teachers help them up-skill to teach the integrated curriculum.
  5. We handhold the smooth transition from regular curriculum schools to an IIT-integrated school / NEET-integrated school.
  6. Our expert professors with a minimum of 15 years of experience in competitive test coaching prepare our ACC (Annual Academic Charter), DPPs (Daily Practice Problem Sheets), study material, and test series.

We have experience being an end-to-end solutions provider in creating, delivering and successfully implementing an integrated curriculum for schools. Our credentials are proven and appreciated by several renowned educators and school administrators who chose us to enable their school’s transformation into an integrated CBSE school.

Next Step

If you are a school that is wondering how to stymie the outflow of your students, boost your student enrollment with the integrated curriculum approach, and grow your school with a career advancement program from classes 6 to 12, look no further.

Reach us here to tell us more about your aspirations, and rest assured, you will experience the best that H&K Edvisers have for your school.

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