TIPS to chose right coaching centre for your child

TIPS to chose right coaching centre for your child
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Is your child interested in becoming a CA, doctor, or engineer, and you, as a parent, are looking for the best coaching institute? Then this is the blog for you.

Parents should not enrol their children in a Coaching Class simply because it spends a lot of money on advertising. Do the research to guarantee to obtain the greatest bargain available and not to duped by sweet sales coun-sell-ors.

One should keep the following factors in mind when choosing a coaching institute for your child to ensure that he achieves his goals and that you get good value for your money.

Delivery Model

Coaching Industry has three Models:

  1. After School Tuition Model: also known as a regular classroom course, in which the student attends regular school in the morning and coaching classes in the evening. There are two batches: Weekday (Mon-Fri) and Weekend (Sat & Sun).
  2. Integrated Model: Few coaching players manage their own school or institution and teach an integrated curriculum that covers both board and competitive curricula.
  3. School Integrated Program (SIP) Model: In this model, a regular school and a coaching organisation team up to provide schooling and competitive exam preparation on the school grounds.

In the first model, a student must invest a significant amount of time and effort to travel while simultaneously managing boards and coaching with a variety of teachers. The school and coaching teachers are not in sync, and students face a large number of tasks to complete at home from both ends.

60% of students are not self-made and lack time management drop out in middle, wasting time and money. Students who manage the time and prioritise studies, sports, and other activities equally are successful with this model.

The second model intends for students who need a mentor for their studies and can devote a major portion of a day to strengthening their math and science fundamentals.

Due to the fact that this approach is managed by a single person, several concerns such as loss of time in travel, duplicity of effort in boards, and competitive teaching are eliminated. Students find it difficult to devote time to other things because this model runs from morning to evening.

In the 3rd or SIP Model, a not well established as product is struggling due to many reasons. A detailed blog post is dedicated for this segment. Read here to know more.

Teaching Faculty

A successful coaching organisation is known by faculties and policies (system). The most important factor influencing the student’s experience is the faculty experience and teaching methodology.

Meet all of the coaching institute’s faculties and research their qualifications and experience.

LinkedIn is an important and simple tool for learning about faculty profiles. Another important consideration is the faculty’s stability. The coaching industry has the highest faculty attrition rate. Check for feedback and faculty stability by connecting with senior class students.

Micro Schedule or Annual Academic Calendar

The national coaching brands have a uniform format of teaching across the branches. The daily lecture plan, test schedule and holiday planner together forms a micro schedule or Annual Academic Calendar. As a parent you must know the number of hours devoted towards classes per week.

For IIT-JEE the minimum number of teaching hours are 25-30hrs per week and 18-20 hours for NEET.

Study Material

A coaching institute saves you time and effort by providing the necessary materials and good competition. Choose a Coaching Class with updated and organised course ware to save time and money on reference books.

Past Results

Meet with current and outgoing senior students to verify the accuracy of prior results represented in advertisements or marketing materials. Place a greater emphasis on branch results than overall performance.

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